Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guys and Dolls and Fellow FOM Bloggers:

Isn't this KOOL.  You can get all the inside scoop on Mickey's without me having to connect a bunch of email addresses.  So now you have NO EXCUSE to miss anything cuz all I got to do is type important stuff and FOMs get it all on FACEBOOK, Mickey's Web-Site and emails.  And its  generated by magic (I think).  But do me one small favor, top make sure EVERYBODY gets this valuable information, make sure you send me any e-mail addresses for the FOMs and would-be FOMs so NOBODY misses out.  Send them to aronstama@aol.com and I'll add them to the list.
And Visit Our New Websit www.mickeyspub.net.

And for ALL you doubters that said I could never figure out how to do all this NEW STUFF, I have but one thing to say to you.  You're Correct!!!!  The great staff at Teaoga Marketing (in the old Town Hall) did it and made soo easy that even a Neanderthal like me handle it.  Teaoga is also responsible for our updated logo (Mickey just keeps getting younger) and signs.  And they'll be working on some of our upcoming stuff like the creation or Mickey Land and Mickey Village.  

So what, you ask.  You don't care about that stuff.
You just want to know what's going on this week. 

Well, OK!!!  \
Memorial Day Weekend was great.  Merica, VooDoo, and KapEye!!!  You can't beat that.  
But we can Try!!!

Mickey's delivers (just like the Post Office used to) again!!!

Wednesday: Magic and Red go for three (3) straight week as Team Trivia Champions.  They must be stopped!!!!  And we have Coors Light Bottles for only $2.00

Thursday: The Tiki Opens at 4:00 in preparation for the return of our favorite country artist when award winning "Matt Roehrig" plugs in at 8:00 (On the Patio?  Maybe, weather permitting).  And It's Jumbo Wing Night and, from 4:00 to 8:00, win big wampum with 50% Bonus Quick Draw.

Friday: the Classics take center stage when the Valleys Classic Rockers Return when "SPEXXX" tunes it up at 8:30. 

Saturday: Another first at Mickey's when Top Shelf Entertainment takes center stage on the PATIO with Mickey's First "All Time Greatest Hits of Summer".  Now this isn't just oldies, Chris is presenting the ALL greats summer hits of the past and current.  And, they'll be $2.00 Landshark Bottles on the patio.

So there you have it, the best entertainment, food, drinks and friends.

One note of importance, as I warned, the June 15th Pro-Am Golf Tournament is a sellout.  We can add no more teams and still have a great tournament and get back to the bar in time for the Three (3) hour Open Bar and Buffet.  If anyone stills want in, they can get me their names and I'll contact them if somebody is forced to drop out.

What a Town
What a Summer
What a Bar   

See You Here