Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mickey's: She Must Be Stopped TONIGHT

Guys and Dolls

Tonight Red and Magic go for their THIRD WIN IN A ROW in Team Trivia.
This can not be allowed to happen, the reputation of the pub is at stake.
To this end, I am ordering ALL SMART FOMs to be at Mick's by 7:00 tonight.
I have made the questions so hard that I don't even know the answers.
And, PA will give you Coors Light for only $2.00.

 Also, I know you all are reading the blogs because like 1 million FOMs have 
called to tell me "Chris Davis is Kuston Sound you moron.
Like I've said repeatedly:

"If you're looking for accuracy and journalistic integrity,
you came to the WRONG PLACE.

Anyway, Chris and "Kuston Sound" will be on the patio this Saturday Night with:
"The Greatest Summer Hits of All Time".

Tonight we put an end to the RED CURSE!!!!

See You Here