Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big Doings at Mickey's

Guys and Dolls

I don't know how we get this LUCKY

It ain't even the Weekend yet and look what's
Doing At Mickey's Tonight

Joe and Brent Tracy
Acoustics and Vocals

Now We've Been Trying to Get These Guys For Months
(it is a lot easier to get them to play Hold Em)
And They've Finally Agreed

So Be Here at 8, Hear

And, of Course, It's Thursday and Thursday at Mickey's is:

Jumbo Wing Night

Note: I need your help, I need some smart people to form a
Super Trivia Team to Dethrone the Tommy Knockers.
They've won Trivia for the last three weeks and have built
up so many Mickey's Bucks that I may never see another
W or Y dime!!!!! 

See You Here