Monday, June 3, 2013

Guys and Dolls:

What a weekend it was and what a weekend its going to be,
but before I get to that I have an A.J. update from
your favorite former bartender.

Apparently, A.J. got off to a rough start
at his new job in Lake Placid
by beng late twice the first week.
His boss called him into her office and
demanded an excuse.
A.J., always the honest one told her that
his alarm simply didn't go off.
"What the hell, A.J". she screamed, "at least tell
me something I've never heard before!!"

To which A.J. replied,
"You're looking lovely today."
Probation for 6 weeks.
Parenting: Not for sissies.

Isn't it amazing how well the summer has started!!!! 
The Tiki is going great (despite less than great weather),
and how about
"Mickey's Live Thursdays"
being the perfect way to start the weekend!!!

And I just learned something really KOOL. 
You put a shot of Carmel Vodka in a
Bottle of Redds Apple Ale and it tastes just like a
Carmel Apple.  So Mick's has added to the list
of drinks that are sure to be my demise. 
And, to prove our point, we're putting them
So now I have two loaded guns pointing
 at my liver AMERICAN HONEY and
And I love it.

Anyway, Hold On!! Here's how your week shapes up:

Tonight (Monday):
Pizza and Wings Night 
That's a Personal Pizza and a Half Dozen Jumbo Wings
for only $7.00
You simply can no longer afford to eat at home.
AND if you get the special you get Happy Hour Prices
ALL night.
And, if you're only going watch one basketball game
this year then "Tonight is the Night"
Game Seven (7) Heat vs Pacers: Do Not Miss It

Texas Hold em antes up at 7:30.
(JK's up a hot streak but that will end this week)

50% Bonus Quick Draw moves to
Wednesday's this month.
And Team Triva starts promptly around 7:00.
And Coors Light Bottles are only $2.00.
Win cash gambling, win money with your brains, and
save money on booze!!!
That's Mickey's way of pushing you over the hump!!!

The Tiki opens for the weekend at 4:00
and the weather is gong to be PERFECT!!!!
Then "Joe and Brent Tracy" provide the
entertainment with all our favorite acoustics
(and to earn back some of the money they lost at Tuesday's Hold em game)
And, It's "Wing Night" 
And we haven't even got to the weekend yet!!!!

The Tiki Opens at 4:00
Music on the Patio ALL NIGHT; and
Happy Hour from 5:00 to 7:00

The Boys are BACK!!!!!
When "Merica" kick into gear at 8:30
(or whenever they show up)
That's the  Valley's Best Modern Country
with Tim, Richie and Jake.
And, as promised "CARMEL APPLES"
for only 5 Bucks
(The NEW way to do Shots and Beer!!)
And Post Time for the Belmont Stakes is 6:30 .

What a Valley
What a Bar

See You Here