Thursday, June 27, 2013

KapEye, the Kings and More

Guys and Dolls:

Well PA and I Got Back Just In Time to Trial
An Amazing New Invention
"The American Honey Chiller Machine"
Not Since the Wheel Has Such a Truly Practical and
Needed Innovation Been Introduced

And Just in Time Cuz Tonight:
The Tiki Opens at 4:00 and
Takes Us To the Islands  
Without Leaving The Patio (Maybe)
For "Mickey's Live Thursday"

And Tomorrow Night
Luke and the Boys Are Here When
"The Rightful Kings"
Bring the Best 90s Alternative Rock
To Mickey's at 9:00

And Saturday
Mickey's Favorites
Will Feature The Weekend's Best
Classic Rock and Blues

And, As if That Weren't Enough
Like Marco Polo Returning from the
Far East With the Finest Silk
I Return From the South With
The Finest Cinnamon Whiskey
Just Ask For a Shot of "Fireball"
Its Like a Penny Candy Mixed With a
Mule's Kick

It's Great to Be Back

See You Here