Friday, June 7, 2013

Mickey's Spring Break

Guys and Dolls:

What a Thursday night we had at Mickey's.
"Joe and Brent Tracy"
are not only good musicians they are fun.

I can always tell when we had a really fun night because
the next morning there are a whole bunch of cars in the lot
and a whole bunch of blurry eyed FOMs trying to find them:
Me Included

So I told PA "We need to take a break,
we'll call it Mickey's Spring Break
and it will give us the opportunity to rest up for
tomorrow night."
To which she responded "Open the Tiki Hut at 4:00, have
all night."
To which I responded "That's not what I call resting."
To which she responded, "DO IT!!!"

I guess you know the outcome of that debate.

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