Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MIckey's: And They Said It Couldn't Be Done

Guys and Dolls:

As I get older, I often feel it is necessary to have some
sensitive conversations with PA. 
For example, last night we were discussing what
we would do if the other died first.  I informed her
that I fully expected her to remarry,
but, before she did, I wanted her to sell all my stuff.

"Why would I do that?" she asked.

"Well," I explained, "I just don't want some other
 idiot using my things."

To which she replied, "What makes you think
I'd marry another idiot?"

While July's Almost Over But Summer is
Just Heating Up at Mickey's

This Week, for Example, May Be
The Best Week of Any Summer Ever!!!!

Red Back At the Microphone For
Team Trivia. 
The Progressive Question
Will Be Worth as Much as First Place
And the MoPods Look To Repeat
(And Coors Light is Just $2.00 Per Bottle)
And 50% Bonus Quick Draw at 5:00

The Tracy Boys Are Back
With the Best Acoustics (And Laughs)
When "Mickey's Live Thursday's"
"Joe and Brent Tracy"
At 8:00
And the Tiki Opens at 4:00

The Best of 80s Rock is Back with
"Blind Sunday"
At 9:00
Which IS Very Fortunate Because
The Waverly Class of 1983
Will Be Here Here For Their
Reunion Mixer
And the Tiki Opens at 4:00

This May Be the Biggest Day in
Mickey's History
Mickey's First Annual Pig Roast
(With Award Winning John Storelli)
Starts On The Patio at 5:00
Will Bring the Islands to
The Patio at
The Athens Class of 1987
Class Reunion Mixer

See I Told You
See You Here