Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Withdrawal Weekend

Guys and Dolls

I am happy to report that your favorite exbartender and his fiancee are doing fine.  PA and I just got back from
 Lake Placid/Saranac and, while we had a wonderful time,
we did run into a couple of stumbling blocks. 

So with little other choice, I drank several taverns dry of FIREBALL: a reasonable substitute, but a substitute just the same.  But have not fear, I got caught up last night.

Second point of concern, There is NO LAKE SARANAC:  There is a town, but no lake.  In fact, the lake that borders the town of Lake Saranac is Flower Lake.

Third cause for confusion. The Town of Lake Placid does not border Lake Placid: It borders Mirror Lake.
Lake Placid is actually a private lake where a bunch of rich old boring people live and you can only see by paying a fortune for a boat tour.

Talk abut shattering a young man's dreams

But have no fear Mickey's is here with another
Week of
"The Best of the Southern Tier"

And it starts Wednesday with
50% Bonus Quick Draw and
Team Trivia

And continues Thursday with
Mickey's Live Thursday
Tiki at 4:00

Then Friday
is back
With the Best Country and Rock and Roll

And For the First Time Ever at Mick's
Brent Tracy is here Without Joe
but with
"Audio Therapy

And the British Open is on ALL WEEKEND

Tomorrow I will send a very special email
Outlining ALL the Must Do Events
Mickey's Will be Featuring over the
Next Few Months

See You Here