Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Another Failure

Guys and Dolls

As You All Know By Now
I Failed in My Quest To Do
30 Shots of American Honey In Honor Of 
PA and My 30th Anniversary Last Night.
(PA Made me Stop at 25 Despite the Fact that I was Feeling Fine:
But I Seem To Have Caught a Bug Cuz I Am Moving A Little Slow This Morning)

But I Will Rebound Tonight When I Make a One
Time Appearance with the Mopods For
With My Addition, The Collective IQ of Our
Five Man Team Will Exceed 300
So You Better Be Prepared

And, As If That Weren't Enough,
Any Team Answering 8 Questions 
Correctly Wins a Dozen of 
Mickey's World Famous Wings.

And Thursday
Is Back For
Mickey's Live Thursday 

See You Here