Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mickey's Pub: The Dumbest Man in the World

Guys and Dolls

Well I Did It Again!!!
PA Got Home last Night and Said
"Nice Email Today"
(I Could Feel The "But" Coming)
"But, You May Have Forgotten Something"
"No Way, I Was My Normal Thorough Self"
I Replied.
"Yes You Were" She Answered
"Which is Exactly the Problem"
What About ALL the Great Entertainment
We Scheduled for the Weekend, You're An Idiot!!!!
Naturally, I Took Offense to the Football Comment
But She Does Have A Point, So Here Goes:

Wednesday, The Dumbest Man in the World
Is Back Behind the Mike For Team Trivia
(Progresive Money Is Over $70.00)
And $2.00 Cooors Light

Thursday: 50% Bonus Quick Draw
Starts at 5:00 and It's
Wing Night
(And It's College Football's Opening Night)

Friday: Mick's Fave
Is Back with the Best
Rock and Country
(And College Football)

Saturday: For The First Time Anywhere
"The RedEyes" Unplugged
(And College Football)

A Very Special Live Sunday
The Valley's Best Country Artist
"Tim Wood"
(And College Football)

See, We Can Muli-Task

See You Here