Monday, August 26, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Goodbye Dear, Football's Here

Guys and Dolls

While Most Lament The Passing of Summer,
At Mickey's We Celebrate It!!!!!

What, You Ask, Could Cause Those Guys to
Take Such Leave of Their Senses.

The Answer, Of Course Is That
Football is Back
And Mickey's Is the
Football Capital of the World!!

Just One at What the Next Few Weeks
Will Bring and You Will Be Converted

We Will Have Every NCAA Game of Note:
Include THIS Week are
Johnny "Football", 'Cuse vs. Penn State (Go Orange),
Notre Dame (Another Tough Opener) vs. Temple,
#1 Alabama va Va. Tech,
Georgia/ Clemson and
OSU, Michigan, BYU Auburn, Nebraska,
UCLA and on and on and on.

And That Just the Appetizer!!!!
Wednesday September 4th is
Mickey's Annual Fantasy League Draft
Open Bar and Buffet For All Teams
Starts at 6:30
The Ravens and the Broncos Kick-Off
the Regular Season
at 8:30 Thursday

Then On Sunday September 8th It's
Mickey's 4th Annual
NFL Kick-Off Golf Tournament
Open Bar, Prizes, Buffet,
There Was Room For a Few More Teams
So Grab Some FOMs and Sign-Up

At 6:30 on the 8th
Only at Mickey's
The 2013 Waverly Wolverines Kick-Off
Their Campaign Against 
(OK, It Will Be Taped, But We'll
Have No Idea Who Won)