Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Happy Anniversary

Guys and Dolls

Thirty Years Ago This Morning I Was Leaving
The Gym In Elmira Contemplating My Fate.
Should I Take 17 West to Safety
or East Into the Great Unknown!!!
Well, As You May Have Guessed
Into the Unknown It Was!!!

Now I Could Say All Kind of Funny Things
They've Been the Best 10 Years of  My Life"; or
"30 Years, You Only Get 25 for Murder!!"

But I Won't! You Know Why???
Cuz Any Girl That Would Put Up With
New York Muscle, University of Minnesota,
Medical Visions, Integritas, Market America,
Wrestling, Football, Track, Basketball,
Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Doylestown,
Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Drinking, Dieting,
Just to Find Happiness at
Mickey's Pub
Is My Kind of Girl.

And To Celebrate, Join Us Tonight As
I Drink 30 Shots of American Honey
In Honor of My (Our) Own PA

Happy Anniversary Doll!!!

And, Just Like William and Kate
Mickey's Will Have a Week Long
Celebration in the Lucky Couples Honor
(and No, There is NO George in Our Future)

Team Triva With
Free Wings to ALL Teams Answering
Eight (8) Questions Correctly)

"Merica" is Here For
Mickey's Live Thursday
50% Bonus Quick Draw

90s Alternative Rock with
"The Rightful Kings"

PA's Favorite Acoustics and Vocals with
"Tom Hyland"

Talk About Pomp and Circumstance

See You Here