Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Thank You

Guys and Dolls

PA and I Would Like To Thank You All
For Your Thoughts And Prayers For Our Recent Loss.
You Made Last Week BEARABLE.
Although Dad Is Gone,
He Will Always My Favorite FOM.

In a Related Matter, 
FOMs Have Asking For The Name Of Pop's
Favorite Charity So They Could Make Memorial Donations.
We've Make It Easy!!
Just Make Your Checks Out To
Cash And Drop Them Off At Mick's
I'll Make Sure They Go To Good Use
(Just Don't Tell PA)

And What A Week Mickey's Has Scheduled
And It All Starts Tonight!!!

Texas Holdem' Returns at 7:00
And Alex Will Be Serving 
$2.00 Coors Light Bottles All Night!!!!

We're Just Going To Call ALL Thursdays In October
"Big Thursday"
Here's Why!!
50% Bonus Quick Draw 5:00 - 7:00 
Five Man Team Trivia 7:00 - 8:30
#5 Louisville at Rutgers 7:30
The Giants vs. Da Bears 8:30
(Told Ya)

"Tim And Jake"
 Are Back With The
Best Country in the Valley

It's If You Don't Like Football,
"Go Somewhere Else Day"
Starting At Noon We Got
"The Red River Rivalry" When
Oklahoma Meets Texas
Then, At Mid-Day We Got
Penn State Against Michigan
Then, In The Evening It's
"Johnny Football Night"
Texas A&M Takes The Field
We've Got About 50 Other Games
Going On At The Same Time

The Big One
Our Own Division Leading 
Waverly Wolverines
Take On Division Leading
Chenango Valley
In An Almost Live MESPN Presentation at
(Or Whenever The Production Crew Gets Out
of Kelly's -
(NO, NO! Not That One!! The One In Binghamon))

It's Professional Football All Day
And Mick's HAS EVERY GAME!!!
And HALF-Priced Appetizers ALL DAY
So Pre-Game With Bloody Marys At Noon
And Get Set For
The Jets and Steelers At 1:00
And Eight Other Games
And Four More At 4:00
And the Redskins and Cowgirls at 8:30

And, Lest We Forget

Monday's Have Always Been Famous As
Mickey's Pizza and Wings Night
Now We've Added
Monday Night Football
"Luck's" Colts
"Rivers" Chargers

Just Another Weekend at Mickey's??
You Got That Right!!

See You Here