Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Adjusting To Standard Time Is Easly Compared To This

Guys and Dolls

What To Do?????  What To Do?????

I Was Rolling Along Very Nicely,
Now, My Life Is In Shambles!!!!
The World Changed And It Has Nothing To Do With This
Ridiculous Standard Time Thing.
(Have You Ever Heard Somone Say, "This is Great, It's Dark So Early!!??)
Like Most FOMs, I'm Just Not Into Time.

What Has Me Upset Is
All The Changes Being Forced On Me By:
1.  PA
2.  New York State
3. The NFL
4. The NCAA
and on and on and on.

"What You Talkin' Bout Man, You Gone Nuts?!?!?!"
Nuts???  Me??? Just Look What I'm Dealing With!!

Tuesday: PA and Jen Get Together And Decide To Have
Shot Night Featuring
Amercian Honey and Fireball
And, As All FOMs Know
Tueadsy Has ALWAYS Been My
Designated Night of Sobriety, But Now
At $2.50 A Shot, Guess Where I'll Be????

Wednesday: NYS, In It's Great Wisdom, Has Moved
50% Bonus Quickdraw to Wednesday
For the Month Of November.
While This May Not Seem Like A Big Deal
To The Normal Populus,
FOMs Know that Wednesday Is Also
Texas Holdem' Night!!!!
As A Result, I Will Have To Ask PA For Advance 
On My Allowance AND Lunch Money For Thursday

Thursday: Now This IS NUTS!!!!
We Already Have The NFL (Redskins vs. Vikings)!
We Already Have Five Man Team Trivia!
We Already Have Wing Night!
So What Do The NCAA Do????
It Puts the Best College Football Games
Of The Week On Thursday Night
(5) Baylor vs. (15) Oklahoma; and
(2) Oregon vs. (6) Stanford
Well, With Mickey' Handling Ground Zero Control
At Least We Chance To Process Most Of The Intel.

Friday: No Time For Adjustment Day
Chris Davis Will Be Back With Mickey's Fave
"80's Flashbacks"

Saturday: The NYSPHSAA Sets In And
There Goes My Peaceful Saturday Afternoon:
MESPN Is Being Forced To Expand Our Coverage
Of The New York State Football Playoffs!!!!
When Mickey's Features Doubleheader Action!
Waverly vs. Chenago Forks
Tioga Center vs. Unatego
About 7:00
(Or When I Get The Crew Out Of Kelley's)
(No Not That Kelley's)

Sunday: Things FINALLY Get Back To Normal
With The Entire NFL And Half-Price Appetizers

Secret Note: Don't Forget To Wish Alex
A Very Happy Birthday On Thursday
(One of the Only Things PA and I Agree On Is We Love Her Very Much)
(We're only 50/50 on A.J.)

See You Here