Monday, December 2, 2013

Mickey's Pub: Holiday Season Planning

Guys and Dolls

We At Mickey's Hope Your Holiday Season Got Off To A Great Start:
Ours Sure Did!!!
But Now We Are Faced With The Almost Insurmountable Task Of Making It To Christmas With Sanity Intact.

Shopping, Family, Shopping, Overeating, Shopping, Decorating, Shopping Etc, Etc. Etc.
It's Enough To Drive You to Drink!!!
And, If That Is Indeed The Case,
We have The Perfect Place For You!

This Year Mickey's Will Once Again Serve As The Valley's Oasis, It's Eye In the Storm, Its Port Of Last Call, Trouble Free Paradise (You Get Our Drift) Or Those Facing PHSS
(Pre-Holiday Stress Syndrome)

So Make Sure That Mick's Is Part Of Your Regular Holiday Rotation: After all, We're The Family You Actually Want To See.

Just Checkout This Weeks Lineup:

Tuesday: It's $2.50 American Honey and Fireball Night

Wednesday: Win Some Holiday Green At Texas Hold'em

Thursday: Mr. Big Is Back At The Mike For Team Trivia

Friday: Championship Weekend Begins With The
MAC Championship
And Open Pool

Saturday: Championship Weekend Hits High Gear And Mickey's Is The Only Place You Can Watch Them ALL!!

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State at Noon

SEC Championship At 4:00
Auburn vs. Missouri (Missouri Wins)

PAC 12 AT 7:45
Stanford vs. Arizona State (AS In A Walk)

ACC At 8:00
Florida State vs. Duke (FSU By 100)

Big Ten At 8:00
Ohio State vs. Michigan State (MSU by 7)

Open Jukebox

Sunday: The Entire NFL And Half-Priced Appetizers

Or, Go To The Mall
It's That Simple

See You Here