Monday, January 6, 2014

Mickey's 2014 Kickoff

Guys and Dolls

What A New Years!!!  
Ankles Are Still Swollen From Being On My Feet All Night.
But If You Only Work Two Days A Year, It Is Very Hard To Get Sympathy.
And Talk A New Years Resolution, Mickey's Pub Power Team Of Alex, Todd, Jaimi, PA, And Yours Truly Have Taken The Challenge:
The Rail House Weight Loss Challenge,
That Is.
So For The Next 12 Weeks We Will Be Living The Fitness/Health First Lifestyle.
Some Of the Drastic Measures We Have Taken To Insure Victory Include:
1.  Limiting American Honey Shots To 8 Per Day;
2.  No More Beer (Only Gin, Honey, Fireball, and Wine); and
3.  A Vigorous One (1) Day Per Week Exercise Program.

And, I Am Happy To Report That After Only One Day On this Program, We Have Gained An Average Of 1 Pound Each.
Let Us Know If You Want To Join Us In This Healthful Endeavour, I'm Sure Al Will Late Entries!!

Tuesday: You've All Heard The Reports:
5 - 10 BELOW ZERO!!!!!
But FOMs Don't Care Cuz We'll Be Staying Warm With
An All Day Happy Hour And Specials on Fireball and American Honey!!!  We Will Freeze Together Happy

Wednesday: Thngs Get Back o Normal With The Return Of
Texas Hold'em at 7:00
50% Bonus Quick Draw
Thursday: Amanda Is Back For
5 Man Team Trivia
Wing Night

Friday: PA And Mickey Favorite
"VooDoo Highway"
Returns Will Classic Rock and Blues

Saturday And Sunday:
NFL Divisional Weekend
Saturday 4:35 Saints vs. Seahawks
                 8:15 Colts vs. Patriots
Sunday   1:00 49ers vs. Panthers
                4:30 Chargers vs. Broncos

And, Coming Next Weekend
"Justin Raynor"
Championship Sunday
Mickey's Fantasy League Draft Party