Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mickey's Snow Emergency Alert

Guys and Dolls

The Following List Contains Important Information To Weather The Current Storm.  If comes To You Exclusively From:
Mickey's Storm Tracker Central

1.  Yes, There Is A Snow Advisory;
2.  Yes, We Are Encouraging Everybody To Stay Inside;
(Inside Mickey's, That Is)
3. Yes, We Are Encouraging Everyone To Stay Off The Roads;
(Mickey's Parking Lot Is A Suitable Alternative)
4.  Yes, Mick's Emergency "Happy Hour" Is In Effect Until
     10 Friday Morning;
5.  Yes, Trivia Is Still On For Tonight
6.  Yes, "ROCK OFF" Is Confirmed For Tomorrow Night; and
7.  Yes, Its Snowing, But That's NO EXCUSE For Being Bored
(Or Boring)

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