Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mickey's Special

Guys and Dolls

Since we all have a week off from football,
This week Mickey's has scheduled a little something extra for FOMs!!

Thursday, as well as having Team Trivia and Wing Night,
We got Courtney's favorite band
"Audio Therapy"
9:00 to Midnight
So don't be late for trivia, you don't wnat to miss any of it!!!!!

And, of course, Wednesday is 50% Bonus Trivia AND
Texas Hold'em

And Saturday, the boys (and girl) are back when AFA Fave
Plugs in at 9:00

And, Next Friday, we kickoff Super Bowl Weekend with the
Valley's Super Band:
"The RedEyes"

And, of course, Mick's will once again be the ONLY place
to watch and pregame for the bigggest game of the year!!

Mickey's 2014 Super Bowl Extravaganza
Taps off at 1:00

What a Town
What a Bar

See You Here