Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Super Bowl Celebration Starts TONIGHT

Guys and Dolls

The year's biggest game kicks-off at 6:30 Sunday
But, at Mick's, we ain't waiting that long to get
The Party Going.
(In fact, last night was a pretty good warm up)

Tonight Amanda (not Mandy, please) will be hosting
Wing Night Team Trivia
And in honor of the BIG Game
She will be giving out and NFL Jersey EACH ROUND.

Friday?  What would the Super Bowl be without
A Super Group??
And Mickey's once again will outdo the SB halftime show
When the area's best band and Mickey's Favorite
"The Redeyes"
Take center stage starting promptly when they're ready.
(Hopefully 9:00)

Saturday Night we finish FOM prep work with our
Newest and most popular "Night Off" featuring
Open Juke Box and
Open Pool Night
Now I haven't quite figured out how this is supposed to make
me money, but you-know-who says it does so I guest it must!

Then the big day finally arrives and we is ready:
Mickey's $5.00 All-You-Can-Eat pregame meal starts at 4:00.
This will be followed by many games of chance, music give-aways, and drink specials.

And, of course, kick-off at 6:30

And for any of you with only a passing interest in Mickey's second favorite pass time, there's no need to watch the game because Seattle will win by at least 10 points.

I just doesn't get any better than this!!!

What a Bar
What a Town

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