Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Free Stuff Tonight

Guys and Dolls

Good Stuff Tonight At Mickey's

At Trivia, "Mr. Big"  we'll be giving out ALL kinds of good stuff
Coors Light T-Shirts and Hats
Valentine's Day Candy; and
Other Good Stuff

And, Thursday is Bonus Quick Draw Night 5-8

And, "Audie" is back for 2 hours of great acoustics 9-11

And this is just the "Pre-Game Ceremony" because Friday it's

Mickey's 1st Annual Bar Olympics
With Commissioner Chris Davis
(I warn you, I've been practicing for 40 years for this event so

Special Announcement:
Sunday at 2:00

The Match of the Year

#1 Penn State vs. #2 Minnesota

Only at Mickey's

See You Here