Monday, February 24, 2014

Mickey's Pub News and Comment

Guys and Dolls

Do you know how to tell it was a great weekend???
You can't get off the couch 'til dinner time on Sunday.

Well, except for a breakfast and bathroom break, 
PA and I got didn't get up til 5:00 p.m.
Mission Accomplish!!!!!

The weather was great!
Justin was a hit!!
Tim is BACK!!
"Suspect" is still the best band around!!
Syracuse was......well, nobody's perfect.

And this week we're dong it all over again.

Tuesday: Shot Night featuring $2.50 Fireballs and Honeys and
Next week, March 4th, Jen is adding OPEN POOL to the venue.
(This could be dangerous)

Wednesday: Texas Hold'em at 7:00

Thursday: A Special : "Mickey's Live Thursday" featuring
Mickey's Favorite
"Audio Therapy"
And, Team Trivia
And, 50% Bonus Quick Draw
And, Wing Night

Friday: For the first time in the Valley
The Very Best of Country and Classic Rock by:
"Out from the Under"

Saturday: Mickey's Surprise Hit:
Open Pool and Juke Box Night

And, of special interest:
March 8 and 9th Mickey's will feature all four rounds of the
"Big Ten Wrestling Championships"