Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mickey's Pub: The Week Ahead

Guys and Dolls

Okay, the game sucked but we had a great time anyway.
Lots of winners,
Lots of food,
Lots of booze,
Lots of friends,
Lots of fun...
Mission accomplished!!!!

Now we ARE ALL faced with the "What do we do Now" time
Between the end of Football and March Madness.

Well here are some of Mickey's ideas:
Thursday night will be another BIG One when
50% Bonus Trivia kicks-Off at 5:00; then
Team Trivia with Mr. Big starts its two week "Valentines Day" celebration we lots of free stuff for the "weaker (and smarter) sex": and
Audie Mincer will stop in for a couple of hours of great acoustic music at 9:00.

Friday, not to be outdone be the Sochi Games, commissioner Chris Davis will be officiating
Mickey's First Annual Bar Olympics
Now I have been practicing for over 40 years for this event, so you better bring your A-Game.
Plus we'll have all kinds of great music and prizes
Don't Miss It!!!!!

And, because it has become Soooo Popular, Saturday night it's
Open Juke Box and Pool

And a wrestling fans dream comes to Mickey's on Sunday
(just in time to warm us up for THE TOURNAMENT)
#1 Penn State vs. #2 Minnesota
At 2:00 and, don't look for it at home cause
It's Only At Mickey's

And Check Out Our 
Upcoming Events

"Rightful Kings"           2/14 (Valentines Day)
Justin Raynor                 2/20 Thursday
Tim Wood                      2/21  Friday
"Suspect"                       2/22 Saturday
"Audio Therapy"          2/27 Thursday
"Out From Under"       2/28 Friday
(for the first time at Mickey's)
And, speaking of wrestling, mark these down:
The Big Ten Championships                     March 8-9
The NCAA Championships                       March 20-22

Football IS over but, at Mickey's we persist because we know
Spring and Tiki are just around the corner!!!

See You Here