Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mickey's Pub: The Winter is Over

Guys and Dolls:

"We've had enough and we're not going to take it anymore!!!"
In Camelot the snow "would exit March the second on the dot"
Well, we ain't waiting that long!!!

Mickey's has put together a weekend so hot that we have Mother Nature running for cover!!!

Thursday Night: Be here NO LATER than 7:00!!!
Team Trivia will Last Exactly 90 Minutes!!!!
Justin Raynor 
starts at 8:30!!!
Don't miss this special
"Mickey's Thursday Night Live!!"
It Will Be The Talk of the Town
Do Not Miss Justin...
You'll tell your grand kids about it!!! 

Then, Friday Night we have
Tim Wood
By Himself
With his award winning Country from 9 to 1:00

Then, Saturday Night it's the Southern Tier's Best Band

Classic Rock, Oldies, New Stuff, NO RAP......We Love 'em
(And wait 'til you hear these vocals)
From 9 - 1:00

And the Temp will be in the 40s!!!!
Don't Worry!!!!  The Tiki's coming!!!!

What a Town
What a Bar

See You here