Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Special Request for All Waverly FOMs

Guys and Dolls

Attention All Waverly FOMs

Village Board Elections are being held TODAY.
Voting will take place from noon until 9:00 p.m. at the
Village Hall on Ithaca Street.

And guess who's running???
That's right,
As it has become clear that I'll NEVER make it as a bartender
PA has decided its time for me to try something new.
So PLEASE get out and VOTE
and Get Me From Behind the Bar!!!
The entire Progressive Party appreciates you support!!

And, since tonight just happens to be
American Honey and Fireball Night
Guess where we'll be celebrating
(Or drowning our sorrows)
At 9:30.

And this Weekend WILL be Special
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we'll have EVERY ROUND of
The 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships

And Live Entertainment Every night including:
Thursday:    Johnny Marsh
Friday:        "Lithium Highway"
Saturday:    "Borderline"

And, of Course
For the next three weeks!!!
Now Get Out and VOTE!!!!!

See You Here