Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me - Almost

Guys and Dolls

I was all set to celebrate my 60th birthday this week
But PA said it would not a appropriate
"What do you mean" I said
"What's not to celebrate:
I own the Best Bar in the World;
I've managed to stay married to a Sayre girl for over 3 decades;
The contracting is going great;
We got a great new house;
The kids are happy and gainfully employed!
"Rocks Off" is finally back at Mickey's
I'll win a ton of Cash at Wednesday's Texas Hold'em game
I'm hosting Team Trivia with the BIGGEST PROGRESSIVE PRIZE EVER
On Saturday I'll become the oldest competitor to hold all the New York State powerlifting records
(After all these years, the arrogance remains)
And we have the Final Four Saturday and Sunday
What could possibly be inappropriate about celebrating!!!!

"Well stupid," she replied, "for one thing your birthday isn't until next week!!!"

Well, I suppose there is that.

But Sunday is just like this week so:
Sunday, to start the week long Andy Birthday Celebration,
I shall drink 60 shots of American Honey - Please come join me, I'll be the one on the floor

I'll seriousness aside:
Tuesday: April Fools Shots and Open Pool
Wednesday: Texas Hold'em and Bonus Quick Draw
Thursday: Team Trivia with the biggest Progressive Round Question in Mickey's History
Friday: "Rocks Off" Is Back
Saturday: NCAA Semi-Finals
Sunday: 60 Shots with Andy
Monday: NCAA Championship Game

See You Here