Monday, March 24, 2014

Justin Raynor Friday

Guys and Dolls

I just got back from walking Lilly and boy is it cold!!!!
The only thing that keeps me going is thoughts of the Tiki Bar, summer dresses and tank tops. 

Well, that's not exactly true..  There is:
Justin Raynor
Coming to Mick's on Friday Night.
Its amazing that some FOMs have not heard Justin yet
Don't miss the Friday Show
Its a 100% AFA Guaranteed Great Time 

Then, of course, we have
Courtney's Favorite Thursday Night Treat
"Audio Therapy"
Here for
Mickey's Live Thursday
Then, again, we have The Best Saturday Night Anywhere!!
"Kustom Sound"
with Mickey's Favorite DJ
Chris Davis
And, that fool PA has decided to have Open Pool Too!!!!
So, upon further reflection, I guess I really shouldn't complain about the weather.  I got it ALL right here:
Tuesday:        Open Pool and Shot Night
Wednesday:   Texas Holdem'
Thursday:     "Audio Therapy"
                        Bonus Quick Draw
                         Wing Night
                         March Madness
Friday:            Justin Raynor
                         March Madness
Saturday:        "Kustom Sound"
                         March Madness
Sunday:           March Madness

And Coming NEXT SUNDAY April 6th
Andy's Surprise 60th Birthday Party
(Remember, its a surprise)

See You Here