Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Five Day Weekend

Guys and Dolls:

Don't worry, the weather WILL be getting better......
Yes, only after it gets bad again,
but better it will be.
Just hold onto thoughts of yesterday's gorgeous weather, and the opening of the Tiki Bar and you will be fine.

And talk about being fine.... What a Weekend At Mickey's
But First, I have been asked a dozen times over the past week "When is Mickey's celebrating Saint Patrick's Day???
Now I don't get asked "When are you celebrating Christmas"
or "When are you celebrating Memorial Day?"
So why is this any different????
We're Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day on Monday,
Because Monday is Saint Patrick's Day.
So if you want to warm up mover the weekend, its fine...
But on Monday it's St. Patty's at Mickey's...Be here!!!

Rueben's and Ruben Pizza (order yours early)
16 ounce Bud Light in Green Cans
Irish Music (for as long as we can take it)
Jameson, Car Bombs, and Guinness.
Giveaways and ALL Your One Day A Year Irish Friends..


But since we have to, Irish Patty put together the
Thursday we got :
"Mr. Big" and the hardest Team Trivia around
"Jason and Jonathan" handling the music
50% Bonus Trivia
Friday we got:
Back from a 9 month hiatus Mickey's Favorite:
"Mutts Road"
Saturday it will feel like Football Season All over Again when
Mickey's Host's:
The Spring Football Coaches' Social

And All Weekend its
NCAA Conference Championship Weekend
Leading up to and including
Selection Sunday
Then, of Course, the Irish comes out of ALL of Us for
Mickey's Annual Saint Patrick's Day Bash
(see above)
And, as a reminder, Mickey's Will be opening early next Friday and Saturday for the:
2014 NCAA National Wrestling Championships
See You Here