Thursday, April 24, 2014

$70 and Audio Therapy

Guys and Dolls

This is getting ridiculous!!!!!
Tonight's Team Trivia has been turned Upside Down!!
In fact, the entire Thursday Night is crazy!!!
How so??

Tonight's Progressive Question is worth a Mickey's Record
that's so!!!
That's right, for a $2.00 entry fee someone will win:
$50 or $59 in Mickey's Bucks
Free Pizza and Wings for Monday Night;
Free Pizza and Wings for Tuesday Night;
A Round of Drinks; and
If successful, $70 in Progressive Money
That's like $200 in cash and prizes for sitting around with your friends, drinking, eating, watching the Yanks and having a good time!!!
Not Bad I'd Say....But there's more!!!!!
We'll be done at 9:00 because that's when
"Audio Therapy"
Takes center the stage. 
So, let's recap, we got;
A-Pod Hosting
Mega bucks in cash and prizes;
The Yankees and Red Sox;
Wing Night and the best Bar Food around;
All your friends and
Your favorite band!!!!
It's going to be a blast!!!
And don't forget "Kustom Sound" tomorrow!!
See You Here