Monday, April 14, 2014

And It's Just Starting

Guys and Dolls

What a change a little nice weather makes!!!!
The Tiki opened!
The Music was great!!
We raised a TON of $$$ for a VERY special person!!!
And It Ain't Even May Yet!!!!

So here's the DEAL:
We will be opening the Patio and Tiki WHENEVER weather permits!
And just wait til you see the stuff we got planned for the summer!!!!
But, in the mean time:

Thursday: As a Special Favor to Me-
Mickey's Live Thursday Presents
Tim Wood
Friday: 90s Alternative Rock is Back with-
"The Rightful Kings"
Saturday: Will be way kool when classic rockers
Tune it up EARLY (7:00)
Any or all of these MAY or may not be on the Patio with the Tiki.
I'll Keep you informed!!!!
But, don't forget The Progressive Round in Thursday's Team Trivia is going to be at least $60........
(Hear that TKers, Ds, 69ers, CS, KK etc, etc, etc.)
See you here!!!!