Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I hate this weather week

Guys and Dolls:

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!!!

If it wasn't for Mickey's, I'd be heading to the islands right now and getting a job on a fishing boat. 
One nice day followed by seven of 55 degrees and rain!!!!
Bah Humbug!!!!

On the other hand, It will make us appreciate the nice weather all the more when (and if) it comes.

The Trials of an Aronstam Man

Patty and I have been trying to get Alex to get rid of her dogs.  Three dependent mutts is just too much for a single girl.  
I finally got her to try a substitute, hoping a less time consuming pet would convince her I was right.  So I bought her three goldfish and left them at her house. 
She called me up all excited and said she loved them!!!  They're so cute!!!!  What should she feed them? 
I told her left fish food in a bag on the counter with instructions. 
"Great" she said, "but what do I give them to drink."

So as we forge our way towards summer, Mickey's is the one place to go if you "Like it Hot"!!!

How so???

Thursday Audie and Joel Mincer will be here for 2 hours only: immediately following Team Trivia...

Friday: "Country Night" is back for the FIRST time in 2014.  Chris Davis (of course) will be playing all the best starting at 8:30

And Saturday, a Mickey's Favorite Open Juke and Pool starting at 8:00.

And mark these dates:

Next Monday (weather permitting), and EVERY MONDAY After, A-Pod Presentations Present: 
Corn Hole and Beer Pong on the Patio

Thursday May 8th
The First Round of the 2014 NFL Draft
The best day of FOM's off season
{And a draft special Team Trivia)
Look for you Mock Draft Sheets at the bar

Saturday May 31st
Mickey's 2014 Pro-Am Golf Tournament
Now I tell you this EVERY YEAR and some just don't listen.
Sign Up Now: Over half the 30 slots for 2 man teams are already gone.
We will NOT add more slots,
You don't want to miss out on:
Food and Beer on the Course, Mickey's Shot Girls, Prizes, Open Bar, Buffet and A WHOLE LOT MORE!!!

We will survive, with a little help form our FOMs.

See you here