Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Official - New Browns' Fan

Guys and Dolls:

Its Official: Mikcey's is now a Cleveland Browns Bar
Well those of us who spent the night at Mickey's know...
"Johnny Football" Manziel is a Brown
And the "Best Football Player in the World" deserves the support of the "Best Bar in the World"
It's a good thing that I look good in brown and orange 'cuz
The Jerseys have already been ordered.

What a  night it was: Bonus Quick Draw, Wings, Trivia, the NFL Draft, Audie, Corn Hole, GREAT Weather and a whole bunch of people..

And that was just the weekend warm-up because tonight is the
2014 Tiki Bar Grand Opening
That means we have:
"Kustom Sound" providing the entertainment on the Patio;
Richie manning the grill for $2.00 1/4 hamburgers and $1.00 hot dogs;
Beer specials including $2.00 Busch and Busch Light Bottles. $2.00 Royal Blue Bottles, $2.00 Landshark Bottles and whatever else Pod and Jen decide to give away;
$1.00 Shooters of Royal Flush and Long island Iced Tea;
Corn Hole Tournaments: and
Rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft!!!!!

It just don't get no better than this!!!!

See You Here