Monday, June 16, 2014

Vacation Time

Guys and Dolls

As you no doubt have heard, PA has scheduled us to go on vacation this week.  Since I don't work or do anything productive, I really don't know what I'm vacationing from (Mickey's, drinking, gambling etc.?????), but she insists.  So this Tuesday it's off to visit her sisters (lucky me) with a short sidebar in Charleston. 

Vacation, the South, good looking girls, what do I have to complain about????
I'm Missing one of the great weeks in Mickey's History, that's what!!!!!

Take this weekend, for example:

Audie Mincer, the Sayre Class of 1984, and Borderline.
And the weather is going to be great so everybody will be on the patio.

And Todd will be taking my place behind the mike for Thursday Trivia, A-Pod will be serving $1.00 drafts for Corn Hole Night, Bonus Trivia is Wednesday and Shot Night is Tuesday.

All while I'm sipping lemonade and eating grits...It just ain't fair.  Next year I'll head south again....but it will be in February.

So be on your best behavior, PA will be checking in EVERY DAY

See You Here