Saturday, July 26, 2014

Football: Fantasy, Pick and Tournament

Guys and Dolls:

Apparently (but not surprisingly), I may have given some incorrect dates for the upcoming Fantasy Football Events:
I will try to do better with the following:

1.  On Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 6:30 Bill Wilson will conduct our Annual Fantasy Draft and Open Bar.  A sign-up sheet and rules will be available at the Pub by Tuesday. We are only accepting 12 teams with last year's team getting first  preference but only if they commit by August 10th.  New teams will be added on a first come basis so SIGN-UP early.
Note: There are 2 games on September 4th so if you choose players involved in those games you entire lineup must be in by 5:00 September 4th.

2.  Pick - 4 will be $10 per week this year in order to "Sweeten" both the weekly and championship pots.  There is no limit to players, but if you start the season you must finish the season. And, as always, if you pick a Thursday Night game you must hand in all four games before game-time on Thursday knowing that the lines may change.

3.  The 2014 Mickeys NFL Kick-Off Golf Tournament, Open Bar and Buffet is confirmed for September 7th.  Rules and sign-up sheet is at the bar.  This is the BEST FOOTBALL DAY of the year so sign-up now.  We will only take the first 16 teams to sign-up and the sheet is already half full.

Mickey's Means football and FOOTBALL SEASON is here.  Don't miss ANY of it.

See you here.