Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Holiday

Guys and Dolls:

Don't you just love 4th of July.
A three day weekend;
Beautiful weather (finally);
Family and Friends;
and Mickey's!!!

And we is going to start things off right!!!
Before you settle in with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry
Join all FOMs for a special
Thursday Picnic on the Patio
Coors Light Bottles for $2.00
Corn Hole
$2.00 Hamburgers, $1.00 Hot Dogs
50% Bonus Quick Draw
and all your friends.
It'll be the BEST DAY of the weekend: Guaranteed!!
Status Report: After 10 years of stalwart service. Trudy has finally died.  We brought in all the specialists in, spared no expense, but the end was inevitable.
But on the brighter side, her replacement is on the way and will be up and running early next week.
So the bottom line is this: No draft beer over the weekend....
But to soften the blow, Mickey's will be offering specials EVERY DAY until the new system arrives.
But don't lament, there is still plenty of Honey!!!
See you here