Tuesday, August 5, 2014

$100 Trivia, Football and KapEye

Guys and Dolls

I finally got the nerve to tell PA, so now I can make it official!

This week's Team Trivia Will be Worth $100!!! 
I told her it's in honor of A.J. and Courtney's August 13th wedding, so what could she say??? I am soooooo sly!!!!
The ONLY stipulation she insisted on is that there MUST be at least 5 Teams entered.  I mean, I'd have to be nuts to give $100 to the winner of a Tommy Knockers/69 Stooges duel meet.  So get your friends here.  $50 cash and $50 Mickey's Bucks AND:::
We're throwing in an extra $25 for the Progressive Round!!!
(Boy, am I glad they only get married once.....or should I say, I hope they only get married once!!!
And Friday: We are live on the Patio with "The Gentleman"
And Next SATURDAY (August 16th): We are live on the Patio with, for the first time this year, "KapEye"!!! (and yes, I know I put the wrong month on the COE)
Important Stuff: PA and I will be in Jamaica from Friday til the following Saturday.  As a result, all of you are responsible for your own fun during that time.  Specifically:
1.  There is only room for two (2) more teams for the Kick-Off Golf Tournament....So if you don't get down there today and sign-up,I will be unable to do anything to get you in when I return....We are ONLY taking 16 teams because we need to get back to Mickey's in time for the first game!!! 
2.  There is only room for two (2) more fantasy teams...we are only taking 12 teams!!!  That means, is you don't get down there right away you will miss out on TWO NIGHTS of OPEN BAR and Buffet....and the chance of great prizes ($$$$$$$) and 17 weeks of fun.
3.  Also, Sign-Up for Pick-4 and Survivor leagues is now open.  Get in and enjoy a chance wat eekly and year-end prizes.
4.  Kustom Sound will be hosting next Friday's "Party on the Patio".  These events have been huge, but the summer is waning...... don't miss it.
There you go....Your assignments are clear
Have Fun While the Rats Away
(We sure will)
And since I don't know if I'll be able to blog from Jamaica, have a wonderful week....We will miss all of you.
See you here