Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Things A Doing

Guys and Dolls:

Well, PA and I made it back in one piece.
AJ's married.
I'm sunburnt
And PA is up to her old tricks again!!!

I told her, summer winding down...
Take it easy....
Play it cool, man...


Look what she's done:

1.  This Friday she booked (my favorite band) "MERICA"
We hope it will be outside, but who knows.

2.  NEXT FRIDAY is now the
      What? You Say, I'm Always Saying That!!!!
  Well how's this, FOM:
     a.  Picnic on the Patio;
     b.  AJ's Surprise Pre-Reception Party;
      c.  Tim Wood on the Patio;  and, are you ready
      d.  The "American Honey Girls" will be here!!!
            That is correct!  In honor of our outstanding use of          their product, "Wild Turkey" is sending us their          outstanding support staff/representatives.  So its plenty of complimentary sampling, gorgeous girls, and lots of fun !!  (Come to think of it, it sounding just about like every other night at Mick's)

3.  We have added the SEC and the PAC12 Networks....  That means you will not have EVERY NFL Game but you'll have just about EVERY COLLEGE Game this fall.....  Including next Thursday's Texas A&M/South Carolina Showdown.  

Now for the "I Told You So Comment"
The Fantasy League is Full.  No more entries can be taken.  So, on Wednesday, September 3rd those lucky enough to have signed up, will be drinking and eating for free at 
Mickey's 2014 NFL Fantasy Draft
(and Open Bar and Buffet)
But don't lament, everyone is still eligible for Survivor and Pick Four.  Show up and Sign-Up on the 3rd.

Flash: There are only two spots open for "Mickey's NFL Kick-Off Tournament" at Holybrook on September 7th.  That's at the food, booze and football you can handle.  Sign-up today.

Things just keep getting better:
Great Music
Honey Girls
Even More Football!!!!

This is a great place to live!!!!

See You Here