Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Difference

Guys and Dolls:

Do you know what makes Mickey's the
"Best Bar in the World"??

It's we're ALWAYS CELBRATING something new while others lament the past!!!

"What the h___ are you talking about, moron?? Have you started drinking already this morning or just not stopped from last night????"

Well, a little of both, but follow me, nonetheless.

In the papers, EVERYBODY is having an end to summer party, like they're going to a funeral or into a cocoon til Christmas.

But not Mick's, we're getting jacked for the

Just look at next two (2) weeks for example:

Thursday is not only Trivia with MXG, but we have 5 College Games on!!!  KNOW HOW????  Cuz we not only have ESPN and ESPN2 we gots the PAC-12 Network, the Big Ten Network and the SEC Network!!!! 

What that means for FOMs is that we will have about 15 more college games per weekend than ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!

Friday: We welcome in the Fall with our final Party on the Patio.
"Well that don't sound so exciting!!"
Well, it is if you add:

The Wild Turkey's "American Honey Girls" from 7:00 - 9:00!
And did I mention Tim Wood on the Patio starting at 8:00.
And, Oh Yeah, A.J.'s Bachelor Party and
Seven (7) College Games:

Saturday: College Football is in full swing Ohio State, UCLA,  West Virginia, Alabama, Notre Dame, Nebraska Auburn, Stanford and a whole bunch more.  And;
Cassie and DJ Jeff on the Patio.

And this week is just a warm-up!!!
Next Week will be the busiest week of the year with:

The Mickey's 2014 NFL Fantasy Draft, Open Bar and Buffett;

The start of our Survivor and Pick-4 Leagues;

Two games NFL and 4 College Games on Thursday;

ALL the College Games on Saturday; and

Mickey's 2014 NFL Kick-Off Golf Tournament
featuring Open Bar and BIG Buffet.

And this is ALL in addition to our usual lineup of Trivia, Texas Hold'em, Entertainment, High School Football, and other stuff!!!

Like I told you, "Why do lament so?"

Just get to Mickey's

See you here