Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Goings On

Guys and Dolls

Simple reminders from a simple mind:

1.  Check out today's Daily Review.  They are running an article about Mickey's food, entertainment and all the stuff you already know about.  MUST READ for all FOMs and PLEASE pass it around.

2.  I'm behind the mike again tomorrow for trivia so don't miss it Thursday.

3.  Friday night Mickey's fave "The Rightful Kings" are back.
And the Waverly/Greene about 10. 

4.  Saturday night, for the first time at Mickey's (and at Shauntel's request) "Dying Broke" with Rock and heavy metal.
5.  Don't miss another Saturday of College Football.... last week we had ALL the games as ranked teams fell by the wayside.

6.  Our first "Mickey's Football Funday Sunday" was a big success and this week will even be better.  $2.00 for any and all domestic beers ALL DAY, ALL STYLES.

And all Month Bonus Quick Draw on Wednesday with an additional hour from 12:00 - 1:00 (food, drink, gambling - the Mickey's way!!!

Is there any wonder why FALL is our favorite time of year.

See You Here