Thursday, October 30, 2014

Guys and Dolls

Sometimes you plan and plan and plan, and everything falls perfectly in place, and you feel a great sense of pride.
Sometimes plan and plan and plan, and everything falls apart and you feel a great sense of frustration.

And, sometimes you do absolutely nothing and everything comes up perfect!! 

Such is the case this week. 

PA woke me up at the crack of noon and told me to "Get out of bed and get that @%$&*&%^&# COE out to FOMs or there would be *&$&**%()+ to pay when she got home.
Although I knew there was really nothing special going on this weekend, I figured I better listen.
And BOY was I surprised.

We, first of all, I'm behind the Mike tonight for team trivia and we're giving out special Halloween stuff.

Second: Tomorrow night (Friday) is Mickey's 2014 Halloween Bash including $100 in Mickey's Bucks Costume Contest, Drink Specials and Monster Shots all conducted by Mickey's Favorite Goul (sp) DJ Chris Davis and Kustom Sound.

Third, We have
BIG Football Goings On Saturday
starting with Waverly's Playoff Game against The State's number one rated Chenango Forks.  Followed by prime time games featuring Notre Dame, USC and Oregon.

And Last but certainly not least, On Sunday A Mickey's Football Tradition Continues With:
Mickey's 2014  NFL Half-way
FOM Appreciation
Football Buffett
So starting at our 1:00 kickoff, FOMs will not only enjoy $2.00 Domestics,  but they'll be dining FREE on all the pizza, Pasta, Meatballs, Sausage and mac and Cheese they can eat.
And, of course, the entire NFL will be on the screens.

Well, now that that's don, I can go back and take a nap.  It appears I'm going to need it.

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