Monday, November 24, 2014

And Away We Go

Guys and Dolls

I have just been informed by Apod and PA (it must be some sort of conspiracy) that MICKEY'S is gong to kick the
Holiday Weekend-Off Tonight.

Now I just got off out of bed following another Sunday Funday (I can't wait for football to be over), so I have little power to resist!!!

So, with Apod at the controls, starting at 6:00 and Mickey's will will feature Open Pool and Juke Box and $1.00 Bush Light Drafts and $1.00 Shooters of some concoction he just made up.

Me, I'm limiting myself to 15 alcoholic drinks both today AND tomorrow because a man has to make a stand somewhere.

And Tuesday Night, Jen has about 10 specials including shots and ALL Kinds of shooters. 

Then we start the weekend!!!

We can't wait!!

See You Here