Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back in Trouble Again

Guys and Dolls

One thing about being married to "you know who", I never have to wonder if I get everything right, because deep down I know it's impossible.

Take yesterday, for example, I wrote FOMs a nice long detailed post of all the great things going on at Mickey's Thanksgiving week.  Justin Raynor, "Merica", "Rythem Road" football etc., etc., etc.
So what does she say when she gets home......

"Well, what about THIS WEEKEND sweetheart "(I added the sweetheart part)

To listen to her, you'd think I wasn't busy with other important stuff and I had ALL the time in the world do what she wanted me to!!!

And I really let her know it too!!!!!! 
"Don't you think I have better and more important things to do all day than follow your Machiavellian demands!!!!!!!"?

"Like what?" She countered.

I can't stand it when she traps me like that.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be so cool we are considering it Thanksgiving pregame.

Friday, be here at 5:00 sharp!!! Why????
Cause we'll have Mickey's second favorite high school football team, The Tioga Central Tigers taking on their old nemesis Rudolph in the NYS Class D Semi-Final.
And we'll follow that with Open Pool and Juke.

Saturday: be here at 12;00 sharp!!!! Why????
Cause we got a High School double-header for you!!!!!
That's Why!!!
At noon its:
 Section Four and NYS #1 ranked Chenango Fork in a semi- final, followed immediately by
Section Four and NYS #1 ranked Maine Endwell in another semi-final.

Yeah Yeah Yeah...we'll have those lesser games featuring Notre Dame, Syracuse, Baylor USC, Ohio State too!!!

And, at 8:30 its
"Dying Broke"
Back with the best rock and heavy metal to be played in the Valley this season.  I mean, these guys are so good that even I like them.

And, of course, on Sunday its Funday featuring Mickey's NFL Package and $2.00 Domestics ALL Day.

I'm sure I forgot something, but at least it will give me something to do tomorrow.

See you here