Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Guys and Dolls

What a start to the holiday weekend Justin Raynor gave us last night, but it just the start!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!  Like what's tonight....You even gonna be open????

Well to answer the second question first,
Of Course Mickey's will be open..... after all, we are the Valley's answer to Las Vegas - We NEVER Sleep.

As to the first question.... Football, Football, and more Football.

Apod's opening up at 6:00 just in time for the Eagles/Cowboys game and stay open all the way through the 49ers/Seahawks.

And yes, It is the NFL so
All Domestics will be $2.00
And, for those like me that prefer the College Game we got:
LSU vs. Texas A&M and TCU vs. Texas
There is NO PLACE ELSE ON EARTH that you'll get ALL this action at the same time.
And, don't forget, starting at noon tomorrow rivalry weekend continues with Nebraska/Iowa followed by Stanford/UCLA and Arizona/Arizona State.
And "Rhythm Road" at 8:30
See You Here