Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Now We'ver Gone TOO Far!!!!

Guys and Dolls

Well, they did it again. 

AJ and Apod that is!!!

What this time????

They convinced PA to have shooter/shot girls with $1.00 treats Wednesday for Justin Raynor!!!!

"Why" I asked "in the heck should we do that, he's the best around, everybody's coming, it's going to be great.  We don't have to give stuff away JUST BECAUSE IT'S THE HOLIDAYS".

"You are absolutely right, Andy" she said to my surprise......
"We're doing it because I SAID SO!!!

Well, at least that make better sense.

And don't forget we kick EVERYTHING OFF tonight with Jen and her FOMs serving shooters, just to make sure we got the right.

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