Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scott Johnson At Mickey's Thursday Night

Guys and Dolls

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky.

Examples include, hitting 5 numbers in Quick Draw, buying the winning 50/50 ticket, and PA convincing me to marry her.
OK, some of these are luckier than others, but you can't dispute this one:
PA has got Scott Johnson to agree to play at Mickey's Thursday night.
Now for you that do not know Scott or heard him play, you are in for a treat.  Scott's a Waverly native that made it big in the south and playing lots of big gigs.  And don't worry its All acoustic so we can still watch the games.  And there's a real good chance that a few of our local favorites may sit in with him on a few songs.
Scott will start as soon as Trivia is over - 8:30
AND, Don't forget that this is the First Thursday of the month and that means that Trivia is worth $100 (if we have at least five teams).