Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Ravings of a Madman

Guys and Dolls

I've been beating my brains in all morning on how to look at the weather and say "Boy are we Lucky", but nothing would come.  Then I turned on the news.......
6 to 8 feet of snow in Buffalo
So I turned off the tube and took Lily for a Very Long, Very Pleasant walk.

Can you believe that the holidays start next week...that's correct, Thanksgiving is Thursday.  Thanksgiving is the A's favorite holiday for the lot of reasons (most centered around family and booze) but this year will be better than most.

How so?????

Well consider this:
Wednesday (Turkey eve) Mickey's will welcome back after a loooonnnnggggg summer off (for us, anyway) the area's Number One Country Act
Justin Raynor
 So get here early, what could be better, all your family and friend will be home, great music, great food, shot girls, and the perfect kickoff for the holiday season.

And Thanksgiving night Mickey's will be opening at 5 (or whenever Apod gets off the couch) so we can escape the family, get with FOMs and watch both the Cowboys vs. the Eagles and the 49ers vs. the Seahawks. 

Then Friday (how did we get this lucky, I do not know),
"Rhythm Road "
Is Back
Now, if you didn't hear them last time you are in for a treat.  Great vocals, Great Variety, Great Entertainment ALL at a volume that will let you get re-aquatinted with family and friends.

Then, a very special Saturday Night.  For the first time ever
and friends
We all know "Merica" as Mickey's favorite country band, but this will be really special!!!
Because they invited a whole bunch of their musical friends to sit in with them, play some new music, fill in on breaks (Tim will love that), sing a little, and just have a great time.

How did we get so lucky to have a Holiday Weekend like that??

Just good clean living, I guess.

See You Here