Thursday, December 18, 2014

Apoligies from Mickey's

Guys and Dolls

PA is so mad at me that she is making me write this letter of apology.  It seems that when I sent you all the COE I left out the poker game and other stuff we were doing last night.  And, as a result, some FOMs missed the best Mickey's Wednesday night of the year.  For this a sincerely apologize.

And to make it up to you, this is what we are going to do:
We are making the Final Team Trivia of 2014 a $100 Game.  That's $50 in Cash and $50 in Mickey's Bucks.  Of course, we will need at least five teams SO make sure you're here.

And we'll have:
NCAA Wrestling at 8:00
NFL Football at 8:30
Tim Wood at 8:30
Wing Night ALL Night. and
$2.00 Coors Light ALL NIGHT
Don't you just love the holidays!!!
See You Here