Friday, December 12, 2014

As Predicted

Guys and Dolls

As I predicted, the weekend got off to a GREAT start last night!

How great?, you ask...

How about over $400 dollars more for Toys for Tots!!!!!  Yep, That's what we raised with the Bills/Packers Ts for Ts raffle.  So when we take that money, mix it with the profits from Mickey's two golf tournaments, mix in little extra from the Pub's private stash, kick in Aronstam Associates' contribution, and top it off with whatever I can talk PA in to springing for what do you get???  A bunch happy rug rats running around Christmas morn (I, on the other hand, will be sleeping off Mickey's Christmas Eve Bash).  

Again, all FOMs, thank you for your overwhelming generosity with a special shout our to Will and Tammy for putting us way over the top.

And how great where Ben and Richie last night......they are going to be playing regularly at Mick's, for sure.

And Tonight the Night!!!  Get here early cause Justin is back!

The Southern Tiers' Best Country with:
Justin Raynor
And tomorrow, it's country and classics with
"Harbor Hill"

And Sunday it's football all day with
"Sunday Football Funday"
$2.00 Domestics and the entire NFL

Get you shopping and decorating done....The holidays are going to be great at Mickey's

See you here