Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Self Refelction and Evaluation

Guys and Dolls

PA and I (well PA) decided that Christmas Day would be the perfect time for us to spend some quality time together, reconfirm our relationship, and just enjoy each others company.  AJ and Alex were off doing who knows what, so we just spent a whole day doing the simple things that our busy schedules so seldom allow.  We took Lily for a long walk, had a late breakfast, caught up on some television, went to the movies, and had a late supper.  All the things that would make a great Hallmark movie. 

And it worked!!  We found out so much about each that we had seemed to forget in the normal hectic lifestyle to  which we are subject.

What types of things? FOM's may ask.

1.  We hate long walks;
2.  Becky's makes a better breakfast then we can;
3.  Television sucks;
4.  Movies are worse; and
5.  Never go to the only restaurant open on Christmas night.

In other words, we are all suitable to our calling, so don't stray the path. 

So tonight we get back on track (well this afternoon would be more accurate)

A-Pod and Shauntel will be opening at 11:30 today serving REAL BAR FOOD and Lunch-Time Bonus Quick Draw.
Then tonight, for the first time ever at Mickey's
"Dakota Moon"
With Great Country and Classics

Then Saturday, Brittany's Back!!!!
"Brittany Thomas"
Back from Memphis
with great acoustics and vocals
Then Sunday, the
OF 2014
I know, I know!!!!  It seems like only yesterday that we kicked off the season at Holly Brook!!!!!  But what a season its been.  And, Remember we still have ALL the Playoffs and a National Championship to look forward to.
At Mickey's, we will Never Change Our Spots.....
Honey Anyone?????
See You Here