Friday, December 5, 2014

Do Somethng Nice for Christmas Without Getting Caught

Guys and Dolls

Thanks to two (2) great FOMs (Will and Tammy) Mickey's will be able to give even more $$$$$$ to Toys for Tots this Christmas!!!!

How So?????

These nuts actually GAVE Mickey's their tickets to the Bills - Packers on December 14 with the stipulation that we do something Nice for those less fortunate this Christmas.  

As all FOMs already know, Mickey's already takes ALL the profit from our Golf Tournaments, throws in a little something extra, and writes a check or two and gives it to Al and Brie at the Railhouse for their great Toys for Tots benefit.  

So, thanks to Willie and Tammy, this year we're goin' raffle off the tickets and add ALL the receipts to the T for T stash.  

We started selling tickets at Trivia last night and the response was GREAT (as we knew it would be).  So this weekend (when you're at your favorite watering hole) pick up a ticket.  They're only $5.  And believe me, that donation will make you and some kid a whole lot happier this year.

The drawing will be at halftime of next week's Team Trivia.

And don't worry, we won't tell anybody.

See you here