Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

Guys and Dolls

Well tomorrow's Christmas Eve and you know what that means.
Yep.  Its time to start my Christmas shopping....so as soon as I'm done here its off to the Dollar General (after lunch at Mickey's).

It also means that tomorrow is the biggest Christmas celebration in the Valley when Mickey's hosts our:

40th Annual Christmas Eve Bash
We got a HUGE buffet for all FOMs starting at 12:30, real elves bartending, and all your friends old and new:

And, we stay open ALL NIGHT!!!!

Also, Mickey's Will Open at 6:00 on Christmas.

And, more importantly,
"Dakota Moon"
makes its Mickey's debut on Friday!!!
They play great Country and Classics... so goggle their website and get here early.

And, really more importantly:
"Brittany Thomas"
is back from Memphis for the holidays and
back at Mickey's Saturday at 8:00
So don't miss Mickey's own Taylor Swift.

And really, really more importantly
Have a safe and joyful holiday.
FOMs are our family and we love sharing this time of the year with you as we look forward to special holiday season and great and prosperous New Year.

See You Here